Friday, April 18, 2014

2004-2008 Jesus Sightings Confirmed

I went to see that "Heaven is For Real" movie, I just came home moments ago.

In the movie, they show one painting of Jesus Christ from a little girl in Lithuania who had visited heaven and taught herself to paint. She painted what she saw as Jesus Christ, the little boy who went to heaven in the movie confirmed it ---- and I also confirm.

The biggest feature of the painting that I know I can pretty much verify was Jesus' hairstyle. It's the same as the Jesus I saw in 2004 and 2008. The only difference is that in these childrens' depictions of Jesus, they said he had greenish-blue or bluish-green eyes. In my own eyewitness, I only saw the blue, I didn't notice the green.

But other than the difference of the eyes, the hair was strikingly similar, and well, when I saw the painting on the movie screen I instantly recognized the image --- especially thinking back on my 2008 experience.

My dad says I shouldn't say anything to anyone about how I compare to this movie, because I've already endured enough ridicule --- but I just know that I need to put my stamp of approval on that painting, because I know I recognized the image - minus the green in the eyes.

If I were to say nothing about what I saw and what they depict in the movie, people would suspect me of being fake. Though my dad says I shouldn't say anything - I know I have to say something or else no one will believe me.


I was just researching this little girl's paintings online. The front of Jesus' face that she depicts, she does a wonderful job, though my memories aren't as rigid as I wish they were, she got something right - because from my sense of memory to her painting I see the resemblance.

But there's one painting where she paints more of Jesus' side profile, or the back of his head. At this point I would question if she clearly saw the back of Jesus' head, because in my 2008 experience (which agrees with her facial portrait) the back of Jesus' head didn't quite look like that.

I mean, it's entirely possible that hair grows, hair changes form, but the back of Jesus' head that I saw is not quite what she depicts in that one painting.

The facial picture is beautiful however - or at least, as I remembered my personal experience I and as I looked at the painting I saw the similarity.

His hair is brown, but I would say it was a little more reddish than the colour she chose.

I can only hope we are talking about the same person, despite slight differences in appearance. Of course, I am working off of memories from about 6 years ago. I'll just say that the facial portrait was something that I could recognize and identify as very similar to what I saw in 2008.

As for my 2010 experience:: His head was covered either by his "hood", his "head scarf" or the darkness (depending on which night we're talking about) so I never clearly viewed his head or face on any night in 2010.

But 2004 and 2008 resemble each other, and 2008 heavily resembles her facial portrait.

Now I just hope no one tries to kill me over this - hah paranoid.

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