Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wow! An Actual Sale!!!!

In a recent blog post I mentioned something about how Mormons are really-cheap, how selling books is really difficult.

Well, after hundreds of free downloads, almost a year after the release of the document: Aftermath FINALLY had a sale!!!!

I was surprised to see that someone actually spent almost a whole dollar on my short report. Amazing.


As for video game development:: I spent the whole day yesterday trying to implement a new feature in to ICBM. Unfortunately, even though I got  the feature to work even a little bit - well, whenever I got it to work in one application, in multiple tests after the original run the new feature will always break. It works, nothing changes in my code, and then it breaks, after a few tests.

I worked all day yesterday, and guess what I discovered from research? This particular feature that breaks is apparently commonly known to be broken in the Android API until a much later update. So, inasmuch as I would love to fix this feature, Android is broken so we won't see it unless maybe a future OUYA uses a newer android operating system.

But, I have another feature to work on to eventually implement. I hope this next idea works.

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