Monday, March 24, 2014

The Pure Conduit for the Priesthood?

According to Vaughn J Featherstone, the LDS priesthood needs a PURE conduit in order to operate, in other words you have to be perfectly worthy for the LDS priesthood to work through you.

Well, a few days ago I posted a post saying that this method of "transmuting" the urges worked for me. Then I took the post down, because after two days the method STOPPED working. I am a sinner.

I am a sinner according to Elder Featherstone because a) I have that sexual problem, b) I skipped church, and c) I drink caffeine, and, in fact, I drink coffee as well.

OK --- so if you need to be pure for the priesthood to operate, it is clear that according to Elder Featherstone that I am NOT pure.

But --- if I am not pure, which I have never or hardly ever been since Christmas 1998, then how is it that I am so freakin' good at being a mentalist??

OK - I'm not a very good mentalist ---- but I have clearly demonstrated that I am capable.

Just this morning my dad and I did one telepathy test:

I said: Q R E
He said: P Q 3

I got the Q, the 3 is like the E, and R and P are also comparable. I did a real good job here.

Anywho, we did one test and I did pretty darned good, considering how impure I am.

So ---- according to my LDS patriarchal blessing my ability to work miracles comes through the PRIESHOOD.

But I am not pure, and you need to be pure for the priesthood to operate.

So --- why am I able to read minds and even transmit thoughts (and this is scientifically provable, regardless of how much psychiatrists NEVER accept that possibility) even though my priesthood supposedly doesn't operate properly?

What is it about my natural mind that allows me to think this way if it's not the priesthood.

OK --- obviously you don't need to be an LDS priesthood holder to do these things, Kreskin, Mavin and Brown are not mormons but they are all famous mentalists.

Obviously the mental-ability is rooted in natural science and not the LDS priesthood. If it is because of the LDS priesthood that I have this ability (which might be true - but that's a stretch) then obviously Vaughn J Featherstone was WRONG because I shouldn't have this ability through the priesthood if I am impure.

So ----- basically, there are just a number of ways Elder Featherstone could be criticized for giving this talk:::

1) He says it's wrong to leave church meetings early
rebuttal: Elder Monson was told by the Holy Ghost to leave a church meeting early. I'm just referencing his story.
2) It's wrong to drink caffeine.
rebuttal: My sister's brother-in-law is a bishop, and I was told by my sister's husband that he received a letter from the first presidency telling everyone that drinking caffeine is not actually wrong.
3) It's wrong to masturbate.
rebuttal: as even Vaughn J Featherstone recognizes in his own talk::: Most people (or guys at least) DO masturbate, or HAVE masturbated. All I can say is that those feelings can be so strong that it's absurd to think that you have every ability to resist. I'd say masturbation is actually a safety valve against fornication or sexual assault.

What's interesting is, according to one commentator on this blog about why masturbation is wrong, it's wrong because those feelings are supposed to be reserved for between you and your spouse only.

According to the bible, one story in the old testament where they put a man to death for masturbating, it was actually wrong because he was supposed to be reproducing.

Anyway, if you knew what it was like to be me, it's just ridiculous to expect me to never masturbate from the age of 14 until I come home from my mission and get married::: those feelings are way too powerful. My wife would just have to live with that.

But yeah, anyway, --- I am a mentalist despite not being a pure conduit of the priesthood according to Vaughn J Featherstone, and according to Featherstone that means I can't use the priesthood.

Therefore mentalism has nothing to do with the LDS priesthood. Or whatever.

Just a thought.

(or maybe Elder Featherstone was just wrong. I actually watched the video of him giving the talk --- he seems to be very, well, he seems like a bully to me when he gives the talk).


Talking to my dad about why I have this ability, he says I'm gifted - that I have a gift. This must be some kind of thing where it's like a 'gift of the spirit' or something.

I did a 2nd telepathy test with my dad just now (2:15pm).

I said: MT(A or 4)
He said: Z7A

I got the A right, and the T is like the 7. The Z and M are also comparable, but N would have been better than M.

Anywho -- we've done only 2 tests today, and on both of them I got 1/3 right, doing alpha-numeric pick 3, which is harder than regular number pick 3.

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