Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Telepathy still working

So, I've done three telepathy tests today: two with my mom, one with my dad.

Surprisingly, the skill is still operating.

First Test with Mom:
I said: A (E or 3) C
She said: A B 2
So, for this first test, I got the A, and I almost got the B too, except I thought it might've been an E or a 3, and if you combine E and 3 they make a B strangely enough.

Second Test with Dad:
I said: J A X
He said: A P 2
Yes - this was a little cheap because he chose almost the exact same characters as my mom, but I still got the A anyway.

Third Test with Mom:
I said: Z (3 or 4) J
She said: T U Z
So, I got the Z, and the J could be seen as a sort of combination of U and T, I guess.

So, I got at least one right on each test, if you combine the characters, then its almost 2 right on two of the tests.

But even just one right character on three tests is magnificent to me. The odds of getting 1/3 three times in a row on Alphanumeric Pick 3 are: 0.048% chance, or 1 in 2046, according to my calculations.

Pretty good! And yes, beating the odds so handily is real evidence that I'm a mentalist, even if I'm not quite a Kreskin.

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