Monday, March 17, 2014

Super Confused

You might need to know a bit about my story to understand where this comes from.

Today I received a few comments. I think they were trying to be friendly, and we only found partial agreement with each other.

It's really too bad that I have such bad social anxiety. But it's nice to have some discussion, even if for whatever reason I am emotionally uncomfortable about it.

Anyway - I am a little confused.

According to Spencer W Kimball, God did not forgive the Jews. And though God did not forgive the Jews, God, according to some mormons, doesn't go out and try to deliberately hurt or punish them in any way.

So, the Jews murdered Jesus, God does not forgive them, but God only tries to bring them back to heaven and does not want to hurt them.

Contrast that with how:

Avril Lavigne was trying to be my friend, and the Bishop didn't like her clothing or music, therefore we can't be friends and she can't be saved. She felt very real heartbreak (according to her music) about the loss of her happy ending.

SO: I'm confused about how the Jews could murder God, then not be forgiven, and then God takes no action against them and only tries to save them anyway,

While Avril Lavigne is a wonderful great christian girl who God doesn't want to save and causes great heartbreak for just because he doesn't like her clothes or music.

If Avril can be saved --- then why couldn't the Bishop let me have anything to do with her? (especially as she sings about me or relatable to me?) If she can't be saved - the Jews, who were unforgiven, get better treatment from God than her, and if she can be saved, then it just looks like I was dealing with a very erroneous church leader -- and though he is so obviously erroneous I am not allowed to say anything against him - no criticism allowed.

And though Church Leaders admit that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes - the congregation is only allowed to sing the praises of how wonderful and great their leaders are and are never allowed to point out the errors, leaving the uneducated mind wondering what actually is right, and what actually is wrong.

I am so very confused.


It might just be a situation where people claim to know things when they don't actually know, like someone fraudulently claiming to be a professional. Why do I say this?

I've run into LDS people who claim that God DID forgive the Jews. But then I read Spencer W Kimball's book "The Miracle of Forgiveness" and he clearly states that God DID NOT forgive the Jews.

There is a very clear disagreement, two different opinions. And this sort of thing happens so much in Mormonism that maybe there's no real point anymore:: someone will have an opinion and then someone else will just disagree. There's no uniform doctrine all around.

Jesus Christ accepts all to come unto Him, according to the scriptures. Avril sings about her love for me and "I'm with you" and "I want to be your girlfriend". But she's automatically rejected just because a person with authority over my life doesn't like her music or clothing, and he didn't even seem to know who she really was anyway.

Anyway - it's all just baloney. It's all super confusing.

And it's great that the church doesn't come to my house anymore --- because I find it very confusing when the church tries to befriend and fellowship me, and then they can't even buy my books and read them.

The church requires 10% tithing from all their members, but these members who can all afford 10% of their income to be tithed somehow can't afford a $2 ebook. If the church wants to take my money, but then can't pay me for my book, or even can't be bothered to read my book, then it's absolutely great that the missionaries and home teachers have stopped coming over --- and as far as I know they only stopped coming because my Dad told them to go away. When missionaries or home teachers come over trying to be friends, it feels very fake when they can't buy the book or read the story. And even if they do - why doesn't the rest of the church?

I say that from the perspective of a guy who spent several thousand dollars to publish and advertise only to find that the people of his own church are too cheap to afford a $2 ebook. It's kind of frustrating.


I've noted this before in a personal feedback message to --- but it's interesting how the Jews, who were not forgiven by God, are not punished by God.

Whereas in my personal experience I know that people who do get forgiven usually do get punished for what they've done.

So, in Mormonism:
Being unforgiven means you WON'T be punished;
and being forgiven means WILL or MAY be punished.

Or, at least, according to these examples I see, that's how it seems to work.

And of course, the Mormon definitions of these words is completely backwards of the way the words are usually understood by the rest of the world.

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