Thursday, March 13, 2014

Response to Prayer or Prayerful Prediction?

One of the main reasons I've had any suspicion that the LDS church may have been true is because I can be thinking about something, praying about something, and then receive a sort of response from LDS general authorities very shortly afterward in the forms of talks being broadcasted.


1) I asked God about marrying divorced woman being adultery. Dallin H Oaks responded to my question 2 days later.

2) I asked God about reclaiming my patriarchal blessing. Elder Gerald Causse responded the next day.

I have one concern however::: What if they aren't actually responding to me? What if my relationship with God is just so close that God is actually just telling me about their talks before they're given? Does God just inspire me with thoughts regarding the message before the message is given?

My household recently went on a short vacation. THREE TIMES during this vacation, my parents would walk down the hallway from their room towards me and my brother's room in the hotel, and me or my brother would always know when to open the door exactly when they arrived at our door before they started knocking. We couldn't physically hear any sound of them coming --- we actually just had (or at least, in my case, which happened twice) the spiritual prompting that "now" is the time to open the door because mom and dad just arrived. Before they knock.

Knowing to open the door didn't suddenly cause my parents to quickly rush down the hallway. The parents were already on their way, and we just happened to have the spiritual intuition to know when they've arrived.

So, I'm wondering if it's the same way with these talks from Priesthood:::: Isn't it actually more likely that Gerald Causse spent a week or more working on his talk and I was inspired to prayerfully ask the questions the night before, rather than me asking a question and Causse quickly scribbling out his response?

One big reason I suspect this is because the LDS church departs from the criteria of reality so drastically in so many ways that I can't help but wonder that they really are just false, and that God is actually just giving me a good time, that God is blessing me personally in having to deal with a very fraudulent organization.

Of course, there is my patriarchal blessing::: The patriarchal blessing was miraculous enough.

Well, this blog post just says that it's possible that I was just predicting the Prophet's talk rather than getting a response, and as such I might be more prophetic than they are (seeing as how the church fails in so many ways).

The one mystery about how the church could be completely false is: how could the church be completely false if I saw a vision during my patriarchal blessing, and that blessing appeared to have some merit in predicting my potential future?

The easy answer is that the church is the devil. Who knows.

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