Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More FARGO closer to home

So, I was in my house today, and I suddenly felt very energetic. So, I decided I would go for a walk, even though it's slightly cold outside (I prefer a warmer temperature). So I go one way down my street, only to find that yard with no fence with an unattended dog guarding. I thought that was annoying, because dogs really bug me and I didn't want to risk going by with no fence containing the dog, so I turned around and walked the other way past my house. And then, I decided maybe I'd walk down Bowness road to get some exercise.

Well, down the other end of my street I saw more police cars and white vans and stuff, which I already know means that FARGO is near by.

So, as I was walking towards Bowness Road, I saw a dirty police car drive down Bowness Road, but I don't think it was a Calgary Police Car.

The reason I don't think it was Calgary was because all the other Calgary Cars in my sight at that moment had flashing lights, whereas this one was not flashing. As well::: the markings on the side looked different, I didn't immediately recognize it as Calgarian, even if it did seem to be slightly similar in ways...

well, Calgary Police cars usually appear to be very clean in my memory, while this police car was very dirty and it had something different about the markings that didn't look like normal Calgary Police service.

When I told my dad, having come back to the house, he figured maybe it was a prop for the movie.

Anyway, as I was walking down the street towards Bowness Road, I felt kind of intimidated by all the police cars with their flashing lights, so I turned around and went back home.

Not that any of this is really important: I just thought I saw a dirty police car that wasn't marked for the calgary police service. That's all I thought I saw.

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