Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FARGO remake shot in local community

Mary's Corner Store in Bowness was recently torn down because of last years flood. Of course, Mary's Corner Store is famous for being a location for the decades old movie "Dead Bang". I never saw that movie.

This is one photo I took of a new movie being shot in Bowness::: apparently they're remaking FARGO, and they're using a Bownesian storefront as a set.

If you look really closely at this photo (which you might not be able to because of the published resolution) the storefront is "ULIS Sporting Goods". That is an unusual store to be seen in Bowness.

This is just kind of exciting for me, to see a movie being shot in my community. I was just making my regular trip to the local 7 Eleven to get one of my favourite drinks. It's kind of exciting because of my personal relationship with the movie industry -- being a Cineplex Shareholder.

Is it wrong for me to publish what I learned here? I don't know - I'm just blogging, and this is my news.

I'm not sure what FARGO is about, I don't remember even seeing the earlier version, though I think I have heard of it before. No idea.

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