Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Great Telepathy with Father for two days

so, yesterday I did some telepathy with my dad and got 1/3 in two tests, doing only two tests.

Today I did another three tests with my father:

1) I said: whoops, my notes are disorganized and I can't be certain what I said in my results or what his original was, but I remember on this test I got 0/3 correct.

2) I said: 4 E G
He said: 9 G M

Yay, another 1 out of 3.

3) I said: (U or O?) (2 or V?) C
He said: R C 5

So I got the C on this one, 1/3 again. 2 is kind of like a mirrored 5.

Anywho, so in two days, I did 5 tests, and in 4 of those tests I got 1/3 results.

The odds of doing that well in 5 tests are: 1 in 28268 - if I'm doing my math correctly. As a percentage, the chances are 0.003537%.

So I've done pretty well. I'm not totally impressive by getting 3/3's or 2/3's, but 4/5 1/3's is pretty darned good.

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