Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fear of Jews

I logged in to blogger this morning, and saw that the night before my website had attracted attention: I received over 1000 pageviews from Israel.

Considering that The Book of Finch essentially has some kind of vaguely-put but somewhat maybe-essential message for the Jews, this attention would be expected, I suppose.

of course, in The Book of Finch I also talk about volunteering to be martyred as a prophetic witness in the streets of Jerusalem, so maybe my safety is at stake here. I'll just have to keep up my testimony of Jesus, and I must be willing to die for the testimony of truth, if I must.

I don't have any ill-will towards Jews, but with what the Book of Mormon says about Jews I'd have to watch my back with over 1000 Israeli visitors to this site.

But my "firm foundation" in Mormonism has crumbled a bit. I don't really follow LDS rules anymore, and I am generally very confused by the religion or the people of the religion.

In the end, I suppose Jesus' teaching of "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you" applies, and I should treat everyone with respect. Sometimes this seems difficult, or even contrary to what the Book of Mormon teaches.

I remember this one LDS person I met who said "You can believe whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone". Well, if that statement is true, then I really can't believe in Mormonism, and I told that individual why.

Yes --- Mormonism and The Book of Mormon have so many holes in the doctrine that I don't really care to participate anymore - coupled with an "inability" to really get along with numerous actual members.

Considering what the Book of Mormon says about Jews, however, it's very interesting how historically friendly the LDS church has been with the State of Israel, or the State of Israel's friendliness with the church.  All things considered --- it's actually good to hope that we can all just get along.

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