Saturday, March 29, 2014

Determining Authenticity

I know it's easy to question my claims of having seen Jesus Christ in person.

Now that years have passed, it is easier for my mind to look back on my personal experiences with skepticism - especially as I've seen numerous "christ-like" guys on the street but none of them are the same as the guy I initially identified.

Back when I had the sightings, I was pretty certain of who I was looking at, now looking back, I realize there may have been a possibility I was wrong, if even just from my mind becoming a little more doubtful.

Of course, if you could only see what I saw through my eyes when I was seeing it -- you would entirely understand why I identified the individual as Jesus Christ.

Am I saying I was wrong? No - I'm saying maybe I'm not very good at the identification. I'm saying I might've been wrong, except even now still on my memory I'm still kind of thinking it could have been the Lord.

My 2008 experience when Jeffery R Holland was in Calgary is still clear in my memory, and I know that when I saw the guy, I immediately recognized him to be Jesus Christ, if even just because he looked like the painting, because I had been told in my mind that I would see Him soon, because as I followed him down the street I heard voices talking catching fish although there was no one else about. Just me and this guy who looked like Jesus, and some mysterious circumstances about it - like hearing voices coming from nowhere talking about catching fish.

I mean, I have some VERY good reasons to believe the guy I saw in 2008 was Jesus Christ, and if the guy in 2008 was Jesus Christ then so was the guy I saw in 2004, and the guy in 2006 may have been too.

Then in 2010 I sincerely experienced a very spooky visitation, who was supposed to be Jesus Christ according to the inspirations I received, and for all I know it really may have been Jesus Christ.

Of all my experiences, the most likely to actually have been Jesus Christ was the 2010 experience, and then the 2008 experience, which means 2004 and 2006 could also be true.

I suppose my skepticism comes from more recent times when I'd be wandering in my community and see the odd guy every so often that i would immediately wonder if the man was Jesus Christ, but I have made no certain positive identifications. I just had wonderings.

Going back years ago my memories are clear and I know what I know -- and I still think it could have been real --

but more recently if I've had a sighting it's been a lot more difficult for me to feel very positive about the identification, if I've had a recent sighting since October 2010, the possibility remains in my mind that I may be wrong. I am completely uncertain about anything that happened after October 2010, I've had numerous possible sightings, but nothing too rememberable and I'm not really certain about any of them.

Of course, one thing I and my father are certain about is this::: late last year when "Avril Lavigne" (either the real Avril or an identity thief) friended me on Facebook, the day after she friended me I went on my daily routine to 7 Eleven, where my father and i saw some girls who appeared to be "overly-friendly" towards us.

No clear idea what that was either, but we had the experience for certain.

Avril Lavigne friends me on Facebook one night, and the next day my dad and I see these girls who seem to be somehow interested in us.

I'm still not sure what it was, I've had theories like they were Avril Lavigne's people saying "hi" or maybe these women were angels of some sort. No real idea.

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