Sunday, March 9, 2014

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't

Being LDS is strange.

In the LDS church, the doctrine more or less teaches that ANYONE, under the right circumstances, could potentially work a miracle.

Unfortunately, though supposedly the capability of working miracles is known to be widespread --- the actual faith or belief in miracles in the LDS church seems to be or was that if you claimed to have worked a miracle - you are then insane.

I was talking to my dad about how you are supposed to deal with it? Are you supposed to deny ever working miracles? My dad said if you denied it but you did, then you'd be a liar, and that wouldn't be good. But if you did and you say you did you are automatically insane, even if in the church it is meant to be understood that everyone has the potential.

My dad told me that it's best just to not say anything at all.

To me, the social situation in the church is just so ridiculous.

When I was going to university, in one of the few institute classes I attended the instructor or teacher taught that it should be the goal of every LDS member and their spouse to MEET GOD THE FATHER IN THIS LIFE.

It is meant to be understood that MEETING GOD is to be DESIRED.

Yet somehow, if you do meet even just Jesus Christ, you are of course, insane. Though there are some beliefs in mormonism that are or should be commonly held among all members, often times the membership seems to be far less faithful than the church advertised in class.

I mean, it's your goal to meet God in mormonism, but if you do actually meet Him -- you aren't allowed to talk about it in anyway shape or form unless you want to be denied, sent to the crazy house and opposed.

You are supposed to believe this, and you are supposed to do these things, but if you actually really do accomplish it you're looking at hard times ahead even from within the church that gave you the beliefs in the first place.

Wow. Huh. So sad. It's all just nonsense.

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