Monday, March 3, 2014

About Gaming

I think the OUYA is great. My niece now knows that when she comes to my place, that we can play OUYA. It's great because she can choose for us to play whatever videogame she wants, and I can download and it's always free to play in some way.

I'm a gamer, mostly a casual gamer, I'm a small game developer, but I do have some interest in consoles other than the OUYA.

Tomorrow The Stick of Truth will be released. I want to play it, but I am a bit leery about buying it because I'm not too much of a "full-fledged" or "full-time" gamer anymore. I still haven't finished Max Payne 3 or Red Dead Redemption is what a mean, and I'm questioning whether spending another $60 on a game that I won't necessarily finish is really worth it.

Like, I'm at the point where I really don't care to buy an XBox One. It's expensive, it requires a camera on the TV to be used, and I already have enough game consoles - I don't really want an XBox One. The only reason I would buy an XBox One would be to play "Quantum Break", an XBox One exclusive title.

But, I'd rather wait for Quantum Break to be released for PC, and then buy a gaming PC and play it on PC than play it on XBox One. I'd rather have a PC than the "Xbone".

I mean, I really like Remedy titles, I loved Max Payne, I loved Alan Wake, and Quantum Break is also very interesting to me (just because of the writers and game studio), but I'm not sure that game alone is enough to justify buying a $500 gaming console. I'd rather get a PC.

As for OUYA game development, well, I'm finding some sad limitations or bugs in the shipping operating system of the OUYA that keep my game from being everything I want it to be. One of the bugs is well known among Android Developers and only gets fixed in Android 4.3, so I'm just hoping the next OUYA will make the update.

The other bug I have with my game in OUYA is already known by anybody who has really fully played or tested in my game, and it's not a big deal but it is annoying. And I have no idea how to fix it - I again suspect it's an issue with pre-existing OS software.

I love the OUYA - but right now it has some bugs to be fixed. The controllers for one, and then the OS software for the developer for another.

Not that people totally care about my games - I'm a little guy, and I have crappy graphics because I'm not an artist. And I'm a mediocre programmer because I can't figure out how to fix a couple small bugs. So sad.

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