Monday, March 17, 2014

A White Light Just Appeared

So, for the past while I've been more or less denying the LDS church. I have very good reason to.

But I was lying on my side in bed in my dark bedroom moments ago when I noticed my room start to have a glowing white light fill the space, the light grew and grew, and when I first noticed it, I turned around to see what it was and then as I was about to look directly at it, it dimmed and disappeared.

I did not hear any cars passing, I did not hear any doors opening or closing.

What I did just notice moments ago though, was the sound of a clattering outside my house. --- but that clattering was in a location that has nothing to do with this bright white light, supposedly.

Most of the time after noticing the white light I wake up the next day and figure it was probably just a light outside my door or a passing car.

But as I noticed this very bright white light in my bedroom, I did not hear any passing cars, and the light outside my door would not have behaved this way.

And I heard a mysterious clatter outside the house, very strange, shortly after seeing this light and turning on the computer to write about it.

So ---- It must be understood that I have some really good reasons to be very confused about Mormonism, and therefore deny the church. But on the other hand - I just had a freaky white light experience that reminds me of LDS stories like the Angel Moroni in Joseph Smith's bedroom.

I have no idea exactly what it was. All I know is that there was a light that suddenly grew in my room to very bright, and as I turned around in bed to look at it, it dimmed and disappeared. And I heard no cars. No doors closing or opening.

Just a clatter of something outside as I write this entry. And no one is entering or leaving the house either.

So - I am very confused by the church, but if there's any evidence that the church might be true, this white light might be it.

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