Thursday, March 13, 2014

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I just sent this message to feedback moments ago:


I look at this talk about a "Self-Inflicted Purging" by Vaughn J Featherstone.

They say that happy people don't sweat the small stuff.

Elder Featherstone seems to be making a big deal out of little things. Such as: leaving a church meeting early. Really? You're gonna get all offended that I left a church meeting early?

Your church says sinfulness never was happiness, and I suppose when you are making a big deal out of such a little thing, yes, you won't be happy.

But I've found that as soon as you stop worrying about being so bloody perfect, you can get along much better and happier in life, essentially not worrying about little things, and you will be happy.

Elder Featherstone seems to think that masturbation is a problem that can be and must be avoided.

Today I saw on the TV an advertisement for a testosterone medication that is supposed to help Sex drive. My parents have always been telling me that it's just my hormones causing those urges.

If it is my hormones causing those urges:: then why berate me about something so small and meaningless about masturbation when it's just a natural part of my bodily form to have those urges? And when I mean urges -- well, I can only hope you will someday find out how I felt many times throughout my life ---- those urges are EXTREMELY powerful and EXTREMELY annoying. No amount of willpower erases them. If only you knew how powerful those feelings were --- and how masturbation is actually a safety valve against worse sins like fornication or sexual assault.

Masturbation is so insignificant in it's effect on mankind that I really have to wonder why you have to make us miserable about something that does such little to no harm, and is in fact helpful in relieving the strains of naturally-high-testosterone and avoiding fornication and sexual assault?

You say sinfulness never was happiness. Well, when you keep berating us about small, meaningless things, of course you aren't going to be happy.

Happy people don't sweat the small stuff. Jerks.

(I write this from the perspective of growing up LDS and always wanting to kill myself because I could never avoid having a huge sex drive).

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