Monday, March 3, 2014

A Little Bit of Telepathy

Just yesterday I sent a donation with a message to Avril Lavigne's charity, mentioning that my telepathy faded and doesn't work.... and then today as I did a couple tests I got a little bit of a right answer each time.

Test 1:
I read and said: ABC
My dad's original was: 2QB

1 right.

Test 2:
I read and said: M2(T or C)
My dad's original was: 4CU

1 right.

The chances of getting one right in these tests were 1:12.7, or a 7.9% of getting that answer, according to my understanding of statistics.

Getting two tests in a row with 1 right each has a 0.6% chance of happening, or 1:161.

So, I guess I did pretty OK today -- right after telling Avril's charity that my telepathy stopped working. Huh. I think I see a pattern. It works, I tell you it works, then it stops working. Then I tell you it stops working. Then it works again. Wow huh.

And I noticed that last night I had a whole bunch of visitors to this website's The Book of Finch page. Very interesting. Finally, a little bit of fame - well, for a free book that is. Oh well.

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