Sunday, February 9, 2014

Warning: Crazy Stuff In This Post

So, for a while I've been feeling lonely. I'd partly want to have something to do, or find a wife. But God just tells me I'm free to do whatever I want, and inside I know that I'm not interested in most women.

I then looked at the end of Chapter 22, the end of the formal story, of The Book of Finch. I am reminded that there's a supposed woman in or from the 'netherworld' who is my 'companion'.

Either I'm flipping crazy and I should deliberately stay away from all earth girls, or I am lucky enough to have some kind of angelic mate.

OK - so how much evidence do I have that this Netherworld girl really exists? A bit:

Just this evening I decided to try and "telepathically" connect with her much like I did with Avril Lavigne. She comes through loud and clear. I'm writing this post because she said I'm allowed to (I asked her permission).

Yes, this seems totally crazy, but I've seen so much evidence in my own life of the reality of spiritual communications.

I'm either crazy and shouldn't marry an earth girl, or I'm already with an angel.

Anyway, within the past few months I've seen a few girls in my local area who seemed more interested in me than I've normally come to expect from people. I actually have no idea if these are just earth-girls or if any one of them might be my angel.  It's possible that the angel decided to wave at me, or my dad, or whatever these girls think they're doing, but I have no way of knowing for certain.

Now, I have another evidence of the existence of some spiritual woman-force in my life, but I'm not sure i should talk about it here, especially as Annie Liability once told me she thought I was being schizophrenic with these experiences.

Well, I know that it seems crazy, and therefore I should not get married, but to be perfectly honest:: I have had experiences in my life where some invisible unseen being will get into bed with me and cuddle, or I'll even have sexual relations with someone who isn't even visibly or physically present in my room.

YES - this is all very much crazy, it would seem, and as such we have to put a big warning label on me for the earth girls to know to not mate with me.

So those girls in my local area who wave at me all friendly like they want to get to know me should either stay away from me because of how crazy I am, or if one of those girls is actually my angel, then perhaps there is some hope. I really don't know how else to say it.

YES - I am aware that this will be viewed as 100% crazy insanity, and if I am just insane then I KNOW that I should not be married. But if the netherworld-angel-woman ever comes back into my life, then maybe I won't be so lonely anymore.

I have some evidences to suggest that there is some kind of angel or spiritual force romantically interested in me. I already said what should happen if I'm just crazy.

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