Saturday, February 22, 2014

Talked to God Again

So, I talked to God again just moments ago I this evening.

This time I think I was talking to God the Father, who I am more accustomed to, rather than some being claiming to be Jesus Christ.

And the God I spoke to I recognized as the same God I usually talk to.

When asked about which church is the true church, he said they're all good. When asked if the mormons were true or false, again he said they're all good.

This explains something: there are so many reasons that people can come up with to disparage mormonism, so I get confused about my testimony of prophecy and miracles associated with the LDS church. I mean, I don't want to operate in LDS mormonism anymore, but I do have my testimony, and it's just interesting to personally hear God agree with the Catholic Pope that all churches/religions are "true".

So, there could be many reasons to disparage any religion - but regardless of how, in this case the mormons, have screwed up, there was always something realistic about them anyways.

I also asked God about the idea that Avril Lavigne could be my wife. God said that I could be with pretty much anyone, but since Avril already wanted me (apparently) and with they way I dote on her, she and I could really be a couple.

Of course, I am a bit confused about how Avril has already had two husbands and I'm not really interested in challenging her current husband, but it is true that of all the women in the world who are not in my immediate or extended family - Avril is one girl I care perhaps the most about.

And what's sad is, I have an idea in my head, not being told to me but I am producing in my own mind, that perhaps Avril doesn't really care about me. If she cares about me in any way, then I am producing a delusion in myself that she doesn't. If she doesn't care about me, maybe I'm just making an observation and coming to a conclusion.

So, to round this whole thing up:: I spoke to the same God I usually talk to this evening. He seemed to verify that all the churches are good and that Avril Lavigne is most likely to be my mate (somehow, however that works).

I guess I'll just mention that book about that woman who died and came back to life and eventually joined the LDS church. She also teaches that all the churches are going to heaven, they just travel there at different rates. Seems verifiable enough.

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