Friday, February 21, 2014

Really Confusing things about religion and God

I know there is a God. But exactly who he is and what religion is true can be considered mysterious.

I was watching a video about a couple who left the Mormon church. The female claimed that it was made very clear to her mind that the LDS church is not true.

Personally, I am confused about all this. I look at all the viewpoints, consider my own viewpoint, and have to try to make a decision.

So, after watching some videos I asked God "Is the LDS church really true, or is the LDS church false?"

There was no answer from any being for quite a while, when eventually the conversation began and the being I was talking to was ---- well, it wasn't really decisive in helping me understand a lot.

1) This being claimed to be Jesus. I immediately disbelieved.

2) This being claimed that Avril Lavigne is my wife in the Celestial Kingdom. If this is true, it is evident that the LDS church royally, royally screwed up in my life. And of course, it's debatable how close my ties really are with Avril Lavigne so we go back to my crazy-brain-problem-schizophrenia-stuff again.

3) This being claimed that he is the God of all people and of all religions, essentially saying that all churches are true, just like the pope recently declared.

The discussion didn't reveal much, except that there is some voice in my head who will claim to be Jesus, that Avril Lavigne is my "wife", and that he is the God of all people and all religions, that all religions are true - agreeing with Pope Francis.

The problem is, I really have a hard time thinking that this being I was talking to was authentic. He claimed to be Jesus, to be God, but his voice was so mild, he seemed so nice, and yes I felt that warmthy-holy-ghost feeling about him. But it just seemed so hard to believe that this was an authentic voice in my head.

But if this voice in my head was to be trusted, then:

1) I know I've had previous experiences with Jesus, so it could be true.
2) The Holy Ghost told me that Avril Lavigne is with me, and I've never given up on that point. But to claim for us to actually be married seems really screwed up.
3) If Avril Lavigne is with me that way, then the LDS church screwed up so royally. I mean, it would be easy to say the church is untrue just because of how they couldn't discern the clues and;
4) Jesus really may have appeared to Joseph Smith, but who knows why J Smith changed his story so many times and couldn't keep the record straight. I recognize there is some evidence of Mormonism, but I'm basically gone from that now. The church may be "true" but so are the christians according to this being I communicated with.

So, even my own prayers don't glean any truly great or decisively understandable results at this point. The being communicating with my mind may have been completely false, despite holy ghost feelings. But if he was true, then it is clear the LDS church really shouldn't have control over my life, especially with how they screwed up on my relationship with Avril Lavigne.

So it's possible that Jesus spoke to my mind this evening. I prayed to God, I got Jesus, but I didn't really believe or recognize it was authentic, I thought there was something strange about it, even if I felt the holy ghost.

So, you could say I'm confused, or bewildered or whatever. I try praying to God and all I get is some being claiming to be Jesus and I don't even trust it, despite holy ghost feelings.

But it's clear that if I can get a spiritual witness claiming these things, then there's no reason to trust a decisive LDS witness, as any witness can say anything and it would seem true but might not be.
And if this evening's communication is true, then the LDS church really screwed up anyway, so why should they be trusted?

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