Friday, February 7, 2014

Personal Revelation

I could have discussed these things in Letters to Whomever, but now I find myself discussing it here because nobody cares to actually buy my book - as well as because of my psychological issues where I keep thinking of things to say, and I know I shouldn't send spam email.

OK - so today's blog post is about Personal Revelation in the LDS Church.

In my experience, I found that my ex-seminary teacher will believe she knows more about my relationship with God and more about God's revelations to me than I know myself.

Considering she legally has no power over me in the church, it was very strange to find that she could claim such amazing authority and revelatory power over my life.

And then there's how that old bishop apparently has the power to veto my testimony of the Holy Ghost, or veto the Holy Ghost in fact.

I mean, technically, this really isn't how the church is supposed to operate - but this is how the church behaved with me. I'm crazy for receiving personal revelation, and ex-Seminary Teachers get more authority over my life and receive more revelations for me than I do.

It's basically a situation where I am trying to privately discuss an issue with someone who has no idea about all the details, and then they suddenly take up their own viewpoint without having any idea what they're actually talking about. In fact, though I know my own life better than they do and I've always had my own personal relationship with God, they believe my personal relationship with God is actually just insanity and that the get to claim authority and revelation over me, despite the fact that she's just an old seminary teacher I used to have. Haha.

Yeah - that really bugged me. The Bishop's opinion is given greater value than my personal experiential knowledge is what it's about.

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