Monday, February 10, 2014

Personal Evidences of the LDS Church

I look at my life and I look at the internet and I just have this interest in following the Mormon debate. My book Letters to Whomever didn't even begin to touch on this issue.

It's clear to me that the LDS church is fouled up. I may have evidences for them, but likely due to disbelief and misbehaviour the LDS church no longer operates properly as an organization in my experience.

And as for the evidences I bring forth about them, I know people could dismiss what I say for whatever reason, including my personal insanity.

So, it's clear: the mormon church is fouled up. But is there any evidence for them?

Even though I no longer care to follow or believe in them, I will re-iterate some of my personal experiences that say there is SOMETHING about this church that makes it more-than-just-complete-baloney, even if it is just Satanism.

1) When I received my patriarchal blessing, I saw a vision of white light behind closed eyes. I recently had yet another more-forgettable experience where I saw a flickering white-light behind closed eyes, and opened my eyes to see that the flickering white-light was still flickering in my sight in my darkened bedroom. This occurrence of the white light may have been some kind of disease, but it could also have been spiritual.

2) My patriarchal blessing did a good job of telling a future that I could have potentially attained (unexpectedly) if the church had operated properly.

3) Elder Oaks answered a question I asked only in private prayer in the general conference I asked for the question to be answered in.

4) I was praying to God one night about reclaiming my patriarchal blessing, and the next day Bishop Gerald Causse gave a CES Devotional which appeared to be a direct response to my personal prayer.

I have all kinds of evidences in my life about the existence of God. It is clear to me that God is VERY REAL. It's possible that my God works in concert with the LDS church, or it's possible that my God helps me so very much personally despite the LDS involvement in my life.

I mean, it's possible that God could be telling me what the speakers in general conference would say before hand, although it's also possible that I'm telling them what to say.

My claims of seeing Jesus Christ --- My personal claims of seeing Jesus Christ are currently inconclusive in understanding the LDS church to be true or false. Some church leaders decry my claims, but at least one very important church leader says that I am actually right. The church disagrees with itself about me. I find the whole situation difficult to operate in, so I don't bother, but I'll remind this blog that:

1) Jesus Christ appeared to me when Jeffery R Holland was visiting Calgary in 2008. If Jeffery Holland can verify my claim, then there is a great possibility that the church is true. If Elder Holland denounces my claim, then either I am completely mad, or more likely Jeffery R Holland isn't important enough for Jesus to appear to even while they're both in the same town. This could make or break the church. I KNOW that I saw someone who I immediately identified as Jesus Christ when I saw him and there was some magic about the experience to bolster the claim. If Jeffery R Holland also saw Jesus while visiting Calgary in 2008 then Jeffery R Holland and the church could be verifiable. If he did not see Jesus, you really have to wonder why, why am I so blessed to see the Lord at that time in this land when Holland is not?

2) After writing two letters to Dallin H Oaks in 2010, later in the same year I was again visited by Jesus Christ. This time it clearly and absolutely was either a visitation from some great power like God or the Devil or it was my mind being completely-freakin'-mad. Again, this experience is completely inconclusive about verifying the LDS church. Jesus could have appeared to strengthen me when dealing with a fraudulent church, or could have appeared to somehow verify the claims of a truthy-church under siege.

So yes ---- I have some real evidences in my life that say there really could be some kind of truth about LDS Mormonism. But for so many reasons which my dad wants me to stop thinking and talking about (because it gets annoying) I can no longer be bothered to actually follow the organization anymore.

The LDS church has grown very, very foul. But there is some possibility that it may have been true or truthy anyway. I would just like to note that there is way more clear evidence against them than there is for them. I could give my evidences for, but anyone could come up with any number of reasons why I'm wrong including that I'm just insane.

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