Monday, February 10, 2014

My Products Suck

My products suck.
My videogames suck.
My books suck.

Nobody wants to pay me for my work.
Maybe people just think I'm a jerk.
With my crazy I could go berserk.

I advertise and did the best that I could
But when I show off I don't look very good
I must rely on welfare for my food.

Nobody likes to buy my stuff
they want it for free, free is enough
If I ask for money I only get guff.

So all the effort and work that I do
Is absolutely worthless and completely uncool
My dreams of success failed, therefore I'm a fool.

I'll never get rich by my own means it does seem
Though smart in school, my products are seen
as the drivel of a broken minded, friendless fiend.

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