Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Final (for now) message to Avril Lavigne

Last night I was talking to God, and God asked me to send a message to Avril Lavigne (with whom I was friends with on Facebook).

What's interesting is that God got me to send the message to Avril just the night before the day that "Avril Lavigne" deleted her own facebook account. God got one message in before it all went away. I had no idea the end was coming, but I guess God did, and that's interesting.

Anyway, so I looked up Avril Lavigne's username in facebook search and found that there were around a dozen copy-cat facebook pages of people claiming to be Avril Lavigne - and a lot of them aren't likely authentic.

That means either a) that I was talking to an identity thief, b) Avril Lavigne blocked me and it just appears to me like she closed her account or c) I really was friends with the real Avril Lavigne, but so many copy-cat pages arose that Avril just decided to quit her personal account, for whatever specific reason or reasons.

Anyway, yeah, it's interesting that God would get me to send a message to Avril Lavigne the last night before she shut down her account ---- I had no idea this was coming, but I guess God had some idea that she would do this which may be why he asked me to send the message.

My final message to Avril Lavigne (as of this point in history) reads:

Hey Avril. I've asked God about a hundred times what i could do with my life and he always tells me that I'm free to do whatever I want.
Then this evening as I was talking to God, he said to me "I could ask you to do anything", and then I said "But there's no guarantee I would actually do it. And the fact that you could ask me to do anything means you have nothing planned, and therefore you could assign me to do something and that would be it", essentially saying I could do any random job and that would be my life.
Well, After that little conversation God then told me to tell you that I would have married you, except that the ballerina girl, or Annie Liability in The Book of Finch, would have had some serious psychological or emotional problem about it.
And that's all God asked me to tell you.

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