Friday, February 7, 2014

All that effort just to berate us

I was just thinking about how the church puts all kinds of effort into missionary work. They put all kinds of effort into missionary work, like the missionary work it took to convert my family....

all kinds of effort to convert my family, and what do they do with that conversion? The grow us up berating us about our natural sexual circumstances.

I either was driven so forcefully to masturbate in my life either because of my dead grandma's ghost or because it really is just the way my body is and operates.

When my dad found out how badly the church treated the youth over something as little as masturbation, he decided he would never go back.

I mean, the church put so much effort into missionary work, into converting our family, only to berate us incessantly about our natural physiologies so we would eventually leave and never want to come back.

What was the point of doing that?

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