Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Theory on Mormon Doctrine

We know in Mormonism you are supposed to be perfect in order to be saved. We know in mormonism that the Lord will find a way for you to obey, so you should be able to be perfect.

Now, assuming you lived a perfect life, what do you do if someone stole your car?

The bible says "Let he that is without sin cast the first stone".

But, the Mormons say "You are required to forgive all men" and if you even so much as REMEMBER that some guy stole your car, you are worse than the thief is.

This illustrates a fundamental problem with mormonism. You could be a perfectly good and obedient Mormon and live a perfect life, but as soon as someone viciously wrongs you, you must forgive them, and if you even remember than any wrong was committed, then you are worse than they are.

Of course, actual christianity in the bible is different. If you are perfect, you may, in fact, prosecute.

Maybe some all-knowing-mormon individual can set the record straight if I'm wrong, but this is how I perceive the church works, because you are explicitly REQUIRED to forgive all men.

Of course, in mormonism, they know that nobody is perfect, and as such no one can really attain salvation anyway, so it's all a pointless mess anyway.

Lets say you aren't even perfect. Lets say you speak bad language every so often. And then someone burns down your house. If you even remember that he burned down your house - you are condemned before the Lord for the bigger sin.

Yeeesh. No wonder I became mentally ill after trying to thoroughly believe in this religion. I tried it. I really believed in it. And now I think it's wrong. That makes me a true skeptic.

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