Thursday, February 13, 2014

A State of Constant Denial

I was just thinking about that old seminary teacher....

So, I'm a servant to the Lord all my days right? Well, the bishop said I made a deal with the devil.

The seminary teacher totally respects the bishop as a good person and would never doubt him.

So I tell the seminary teacher that The Number 23 movie (2/3=0.666) is about me, as it totally agrees with the bishop's statement that I am devilish.

Guess what? The seminary teacher suddenly can't accept that the movie is about me even though it completely agrees with what the bishop previously said about me, even though it is about me.

I mean, Avril's sk8er boi song could verify that I'm not good enough and would be bolstered by the release of The Number 23 in Avril's claim to love me, but some church members just can't accept that these are "truthy" stories about me, it always has to be some kind of statement that my life isn't what they're depicting, even though these individuals don't know my life as well as I do and they offer no explanation on what happened differently.

So: ex-seminary teacher can't accept sk8er boi song is about me. She never doubts good bishop who said I made deal with devil. The number 23 is about me, agreeing with the bishop about the devilishness and bolstering my claim to be sk8er boi --- but seminary teacher just HAS to deny these facts.

I'm the devil - but I'm not the devil they describe in that movie even though it is well known inside my social group that I am this individual? Wow.

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