Sunday, February 23, 2014

A PB Conundrum

Before I got my patriarchal blessing, I was top of the class for much of my schooling. I didn't require any mental-medications, and I was able to think at a level that achieved me top grades.

Near the end of grade 11, I got my LDS patriarchal blessing. It said I would have an especially blessed mind. Just a few months later I experienced a mental and emotional breakdown and was no longer capable of thinking at the level I had once been able to --- I had decreased substantially in my ability.

What did I do so wrong that I actually LOST my great thinking skills after receiving a blessing that said I would have an especially blessed mind?

Elder Richard K Melchin thought that the psychiatric drugs I receive are the especial blessing for my mind..... but that's really sad because I'm also supposed to have a blessed body, and psychiatric drugs can create health concerns.

And well, I didn't require psychiatric drugs before my patriarchal blessing, so how could my special blessing actually make me stupid so I would require medication??? That seems backwards.

I must've done something really wrong. I don't know anymore. It doesn't really make sense. Who knows what was going on.

I was the elementary school graduation valedictorian. At grade 9 graduation I received the award for having the highest average grade in my class, and also in grade 9 I got 100% on my math final. At the end of grade 11 I got 98% on the Chemistry final exam, which was also highest in the class.

But then I get my patriarchal blessing and for the rest of my life I'm either too stupid to think properly or I am requiring medication.

This doesn't really make sense. I was already very smart. I have an especially blessed mind. But now I'm either stupid or requiring drugs???

Maybe I just did something completely wrong - I took a wrong turn somewhere. Who knows. God got very angry for that thing I did, I'm not sure what it was though. Who knows.

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