Thursday, February 20, 2014

1.1% of the nation's wealth

I was laying in bed, thinking about how tough it is to be me. Well, basically, to me it looked or seemed tough that I could spend thousands on publishing and advertising, I could spend a few hundred dollars on developing for the OUYA --- and then most of my distributed product goes out for free, just freebies for most people ----- the vast majority of my "customers" don't pay for anything, even if the product is only $1-$3.

So, I was just thinking how tough life is, that I can't recover my investment because no one spends money - when a thought entered my mind telling me that it's even tougher when you are under-wealthy, when there is no money to begin with.

I grew up poor, and I suddenly and clearly remembered and realized that it can be REALLY tough not having money for the essentials, or the luxuries. Being too poor (due to unemployment) may have been a reason I went insane.

Growing up, my father was unemployed, and we were so poor we had to live off of LDS church welfare for quite a long time.

I could go on for pages, perhaps, how we kneeled to the church in our time of need, but now that we're in better financial standing we scoff at them - but I won't - it's interesting to be noted about that in the LDS religion, but I don't entirely scoff at them, and if I do I usually have a good reason for it.

Anyway, being poor sucks.

So, I looked up on the internet about American wealth, how many american homes are under-wealthy. I found that in 2010, the lower 50% of american homes in wealth controlled only 1.1% of the entire nations wealth, whereas the top one percent of american homes control ~30% of american wealth.

To me, this seems absolutely ludicrous, a reminder behind the good value of the "occupy" movement and reaffirmation that a certain amount of socialism is a must for society.

Of course, I then realized that the United States is very much in big trouble --- people have known this for a while. Half the government wants to lower taxes on the rich, enslave the poor, and plunge the government deeper into debt (as my calculations of how their government is estimate), and well:::

With how big the american debt is, and how they can't even decide to pay off the debt and help the poor with how greedy one half of the government is:: there is obviously a serious problem in the United States.

And that's all I can really comment on this about. I don't have any guidance, I'm just making my personal observation that the USA is not in a good position. More debt, lower taxes, half the country is under-wealthy. Just so sad.

I feel reaffirmed in some of my socialist attitudes that I've taken, and I kick myself for being the young boy who was capitalistic and greedy. Being poor sure helped that capitalistic young boy realize that it's better to help the world as a whole rather than be personally greedy.

In past days I've thought about how I can help charities do their charitable work once I get my debt paid off.

And it's so sad to me to realize that so many americans - who you'd think would be capable of paying me the $1 for my product - would actually be the sort of people who would be in need of charitable help.

of course, I myself am in a sense also a man who needed charitable help, and eventually got socialized. I'm just lucky to be living in a very blessed-land where a poor guy like myself can even think about helping charities.

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