Friday, January 17, 2014

White Light Visitation

For the past few days, sitting around, thinking about stuff, but having a more positive attitude towards the LDS church, even if I am still confused and kind of still flip-flopping about it.

Anyway, I was laying in my bed, and I noticed a white glowing light, like a white glow filling the doorway to my bedroom.

I mean, I didn't think about it as I saw it - it was just a white light, I was looking directly at it, it was just a pillar of white light that "stood" in my bedroom doorway.

Then, for no discernible reason, it just DISAPPEARED. I mean, I have no idea what that light was, it wasn't the light outside my room, it wasn't moving, but it was a white glow that I saw standing in the doorway of my bedroom.

Anyway, though it wasn't exactly what I was thinking about at that moment, one of the lines of thought I had about religion was like this:::

If the "regular" christians are correct, then Jesus' Grace is sufficient for salvation. If this is true, being a Christ-believing Mormon would allow you to be saved. If being a Mormon doesn't get you saved, being a Christ-Believing Mormon would achieve salvation as due to the fact that Jesus' grace would automatically save you no matter how good your works were - you believed it Christ, and that's what mattered.

Therefore, even if the regular Christians are true, it wouldn't hurt to be a Mormon anyway, as Jesus' Grace alone would be sufficient despite your belief in a "false" religion.

But if the Mormons are true, conversely, there are so many problems with the LDS church that I thought it really shouldn't be necessary to be a Mormon in order to be saved. I mean, the LDS church just may, or might, be the latest and greatest thing in spirituality, but due to some of the problems it appears to have, I personally do not expect membership in the LDS church as a requirement for salvation. There are just too many problems and logical fallacies.

Anyway, so for a bible believing Christian - being a Mormon wouldn't hurt, and for a Mormon or Prospective Mormon, there are so many problems with the church you probably shouldn't have to be forced to deal with those issues.

This is the one line of thought I had recently where I was trying to come up with a way to reconcile Christians with Mormons. And I have been a bit more positive to the LDS church recently, if even still just confused.

But man - woah - those white lights are so strange. I mean, really I saw a white light or white glow "standing" in my bedroom doorway that was too white to be a house light and too stationary to be a moving car. And it just magically disappeared - for no reason.

There might be a reasonable explanation for this, but in my mind I keep open the possibility that it's an angel.

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