Monday, January 27, 2014

Three Sins

I guess I'd like to make this post about three things that have traditionally been considered sins in my experience.

1. Adultery
2. Homosexual Acts
3. Masturbation

Adultery is a sin according to the Old Testament and New Testament. Homosexual Acts are considered a sin in the Old Testament. And, by some argument I can not longer remember, the LDS church even considered masturbation to be a sin, enough to keep you out of heaven.

So, are these really sins? or were they sin but they aren't anymore?

1. Adultery - Dallin H Oaks said that you can marry a divorced woman in the LDS temple. This is adultery, but now appears to be ALLOWED in mormonism. Looking at pornography is apparently adultery too - but God has given me no indication of any desire to condemn me for doing this. Having sex with another man's wife is adultery, and I believe that is really wrong, but I have no experience with that one so I wouldn't know how to treat it.

So - is adultery a sin? Yes, I'd say it is a sin, but somehow even the LDS church doesn't think too hard about letting it go as well as my own personal relationship with God doesn't seem to worry about it either. So, it's a sin, but it's forgivable.

3. Masturbation - This is a completely unavoidable thing for me and the LDS church really liked to psychologically torment me about it. They always made me feel so unsaved for doing it, but I personally think God could really care less. The Mormons say it's a sin. I think it's unavoidable. If it is a sin - it's nothing to condemn a man over, regardless of how the LDS think it is.

2. Homosexual Acts - The Old Testament makes it clear that homosexual behaviour is a sin, akin to adultery. Apparently Jesus Christ never said anything about homosexuality in the New Testament. But, considering how Adultery is so forgivable and how Masturbation isn't anything well, maybe Homosexuality isn't such a big deal either.

I mean, the Jews said eating Pig Meat was a sin - but now us modern Christians don't think it's a sin anymore. It was sinful, but that rule changed. Who knows how much the rules have really changed, and I don't trust the LDS church to really guide me on that one.

So, Adultery is a sin, but it's easily forgivable, apparently. Masturbation might be considered sinful, but it is also easily forgivable. Homosexual Acts seem so demonized by the LDS church - but I wonder if it's actually no big deal, just like looking at porn and masturbating don't seem to earn me God's vengeance.

Now - I will make clear, looking at porn and masturbating is an excommunicatable offence in the LDS church - but in my personal relationship with God, God doesn't treat it badly (possibly because I've beat myself up over it enough).

I don't think I can trust the LDS church about much anymore - they seem completely whacko in their stance on certain subjects.

It is clear that in the Old Testament that one could be put to death for Adultery, Masturbation and Homosexual Acts ---- but I think it's clear that God in the modern day has decided to not make a big deal out of these things. God totally allows us to do as we please, and if these things are still sins then they are easily forgivable.

Growing up LDS, I had all kinds of misconceptions about different sins including Homosexuality. Now I don't consider it a problem anymore. Especially considering that Jesus never talked about homosexuality and that the LDS church is so completely screwed up that I don't care to listen to them about it.

I am not the person to say if these things are still sinful. I can see that they were once sinful, but for all I know the rules might have changed, just like Pork suddenly being allowed. All I know is that if two of these sins are treated so nicely by God, the third might be forgiven so easily as well.

I apologize for being so pro-LDS and anti-gay. I wouldn't say I'm pro-gay or gay pride, maybe you can consider me neutral or "friendly" but I'm definitely not happy about LDS Mormonism, and I'm definitely not so negative about homosexuals anymore. I just apologize for taking previous stances due to ineptitude in thinking.

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