Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Saratov Approach - Cineplex Investor Relations

The following is a letter I sent to Cineplex Investor Relations today:


Dear Cineplex Investor Relations:

I own [###] shares in the Cineplex Corporation, and I'm not exactly sure how much "say" that gives me in how to run this company, but I have a suggestion on something that can be done.

Today my mother came home from her church telling me that there's a new movie called "The Saratov Approach" showing at a competitor's theatre in Canyon Meadows Calgary.

As a sign of good will to a church with whom I personally have sketchy relations with, I would like the Cineplex Corporation to show The Saratov Approach in a Cineplex Theatre at least once or twice, while it is still in the theatrical release stage.

I could say I want the movie to show in my hometown of Calgary, but I will instead say that I will let the makers of The Saratov Approach to show the film in a location of their own choice. If all else fails, I suggest it be shown at Crowfoot Crossing Calgary.

I am hoping that [###] shares in the company is enough to give me some say in what movie gets shown wherever at least once or twice.

This is not because of any desire to turn a profit for the corporation - it's a sign of goodwill to a church that has a very sad history in my life.

Thank you, I hope you understand and will accept my request.

-Kristian J Attfield

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