Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The "Greasy" Religion

I've been feeling a lot better for a while, and now that I look back on my life, i can say that the LDS or Mormon church is very sketchy, it's rather "greasy"

But regardless of how flawed or imperfect or cruddy it may be --- I am a firm witness about the power of a patriarchal blessing and the prophetic nature of certain general authorities.

I totally agree that LDS Mormonism is extremely, heavily flawed, even so much so as I do not view my personal involvement with them as a necessity---

But there was definitely something truly magical about certain individuals in the church, apostles, bishopric, patriarch.

I think the LDS apostles definitely appear to be very wise men, they seem to have a clue, they seem to have some idea.

The LDS religion goes up in smoke so many ways ---- But the magical quality to the religion has always been real for as long as I can remember being a member.

Either they are genuinely trying to turn people to Christ, or they are a massively deceptive Satanic attack on society.

Therefore, some LDS Mormons are probably true and genuine followers of Christ, whilst others aren't, with varying degrees of fraud or malevolence.

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