Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stupidly Feeling Split on the issue - take a side?

I've found that I am one of those dumb people who agrees with the person who is speaking at the time - I have things to agree with pro-mormon media bout and things to agree with anti-mormon media about.

I finished reading that book about that woman who had died and came back to life --- she talked about how when she was dead she learned things and when she found the LDS church later in life, she converted because of the close comparisons she could make between the two.

Considering how flawed the LDS church really is - I would almost or sort of wonder if this woman is actually just fabricating the whole experience. She might not be fabricating it -- but some things about Mormonism are so screwed up that you really have to wonder how the LDS church really could be from the right and true God.

For example: The LDS church is inconsistent with how it treats sins, and treats the severity of crimes with an inverse proportion of punishment. Like, if you were to drink coffee, a harmless thing to do, the church will criticize you and condemn you to less-than-heaven just because you ingested a substance. Masturbation is preferable to fornication, yet they'll still guilt trip  you over the masturbation and make you want to kill yourself over your inability to repent. BUT if you get victimized by a serious sin, like, say, rape, the simple fact that you remember being raped is enough to toss you out of heaven because you aren't forgiving when you remember being raped and you are now guilty of the greater sin and are condemned before the Lord.

Yes --- the church will totally mistreat you about totally small imperfections that are essentially meaningless, and then when you get so wronged or violated you become the greater sinner just by REMEMBERING that any great violation ever happened.

That is actually how mormonism works, it seems.

So, to tell the truth, it does seem very likely that the Mormon or LDS church is actually a creation of the devil. If it's not a creation of the devil, then it's likely that Joseph Smith was just really, really freaking stupid.

So, though I find myself agreeing with certain mormon viewpoints when I see them, and I find myself agreeing with the opposing force when I see it, and though I do have very magical reasons to believe in Mormonism --- the actual fundamental truth about the LDS church is that they have no real concept of proper justice or forgiveness of anything.

I don't really care about being a mormon. I like coffee, I've never quite been able to completely stop masturbating, and the church's justice system is completely messed up. I do believe in Jesus, even that he can appear personally to me.

And though I would like to agree with Ms. Near Death Experience woman about what she experienced and how it related so well to the "true" church of mormonism, I can't help but wonder if she's actually a fraud - because when you actually live in Mormonism, over a while you begin to realize they totally harp on you about little meaningless things whilst condemning you for just remembering the big crimes. It's totally pointless.

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