Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Noting Recognition on HOTM

So, a while back I sent a message to Shawn McCraney of Heart of the Matter telling him some of my questionings about LDS mormonism and he responded just telling me to keep questioning.

A bit more recent I sent another message more or less congratulating him for showing how flawed mormonism is and saying I'm appreciative. I also tell him some of the evidences I see of some kind of magic in the LDS church.

Yes - in the last two episodes of HOTM I think it's clear that he read my message and he's pretty much responded just in the television show. He probably even looked at my book and blog, it seems.

Historically the psychiatric community would tell me that I'm a complete nutter to think that a "famous" person would even recognize me in secret-message format on their show, but I think we can all be certain that the actual explanation for why I say these things is much more mundane than just my insanity.

I thought about what else I'd say in this blog post before I wrote it, but I've forgotten how I was going to segue from the above writing to the next topic, so here it is:

I first left the LDS church in early 2003. I flirted with them for a long time after that, and even if I seem friendly with them at times I think its clear that I'm not going back there anymore. I'm not sure if I'm a member or not a member, I just keep thinking about them likely because of the trauma of having faced the possibility of having to spend the rest of my life working for them, thinking they're so true but actually finding that there's something completely wrong.

If anyone is wondering how far my message or messages reach:: My blog has numerous yet few daily visitors. My first book has been distributed to at least a couple hundred people. Very few people seem to care about purchasing the sequel. My blog does get periods of mass-visitation, but I am mostly just a little guy on the internet, even if I see myself in movies and music. I'm not quite a full "celebrity" or famous person of any sort.

I am quasi-semi-sort-of-almost-famous. Just letting you know how far my words spread.

Actual indications I see and interpret tell me that most people don't really give a hoot about what I say or even my existence.


I should note that though it seemed clear that he was just responding to me and acknowledging me, I can't say for certain either way if his mentioning of the Grand Mal Seizure was actually true or if it was just a response to how I recently finished a book about a woman who converted to mormonism because of what she experienced when she died from having a Grand Mal Seisure. The two are comparable and "coincidental", but I have no way of knowing if it was just a lie to privately acknowledge me or if it's a real true coincidence with this book I just finished reading.

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