Monday, January 6, 2014

My game, "ICBM", achieved last position on O-RANK?

My game was ranked 5th from last on O-Rank.  Then I thought I saw it in last place. Now it's ranked 6th from last.

Considering the bad results of my hard work, I am actually feeling pretty cool about it. I did something so terrific that I earned last place.

Yeah, I realize there might be individuals out there either bullying me or just trying to tear me down for some reason - or it may be because I am somehow so offensive that the OUYA people decided to kick me off or whatever.

Well, I'm feeling cool. I sold a game of Pfhonge yesterday, so I'm not totally gone yet.

It's just that I can't upload an update and no one is responding to my forum post.

Considering I was kicked off Avril Lavigne's forum a few years ago, I can't help but wonder if I've been kicked off OUYA as well.

But then Avril Lavigne became a personal friend of mine on facebook, so I really don't know how to interpret this.

But, I can say that I feel "good" or "cool" about having achieved rock bottom after over a month of release. :)

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