Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lottery vs Stock Market

I was getting up to write this blog post when I got a phone call on my cell phone saying "Because you are a very special telus customer, you" 'just won some kind of very special telus prize, press 1 to accept'.

This sounded exciting, except that I don't personally have any accounts at telus, unless a certain company I own is actually a customer of telus. Of course, I hung up the phone --- it seemed exciting, but also seemed like it could be a scam (my parents use a telus phone, but I don't).

Anyway, yeah, so::: Owning companies is fun.

Throughout out my life I've been approached by members of the LDS church telling me that my interest in stock market investment is like playing the lottery. Some members of the LDS church have brains and realize that it's actually just a good way to supplement their incomes.

In Canada, the lottery is controlled by the government, so I wouldn't personally call it immoral to play the lottery, but, it is kind of a stupid thing to do, thus I have heard the lottery dubbed the "Stupid tax".

I mean, it is possible to use your "crystal ball" and predict lottery numbers, but it usually doesn't work very well, so it's usually a "stupid" thing to do anyway.

But --- I will just disagree with the idea that investing in actual businesses on the stock market is like playing the lottery. Why? I've played the lottery before. You are most likely to lose, and when you win it usually isn't much, and usually total losses exceed total gains.

However, on the stock market, well, if you know what you are doing, it can be a very profitable replacement of the Savings Account. Savings accounts earn less than 2% these days ---- a stock market investment could earn you 20% (I speak from experience).

Basically, I am annoyed with people who compare the stock market to the lottery. The lottery you will most likely lose. You are far more likely to win on the stock market.

The bible teaches something about how gambling is "wrong". The bible also says "render unto caesar that which is caesar's". Therefore, playing the lottery in Canada, isn't wrong, but it can be a "stupid" thing to do.

Jesus promoted investment and return on investment in the bible. Remember the parable of the servants who each received talents and then they put the talents into the money market and the ones who earned were blessed while the one who didn't bother doing anything was not blessed? Exactly:: I would say investing in corporations and businesses in actually encouraged rather than despised as being comparable to the lottery.

You just have to know what you're doing. Personally, I think it's really great to be able to own a business. It's great to make a profit.

I agree that you can lose money on your investments, 10 years ago when I tried the stock market I ended up losing ---- but the fact remains that if I had traded smarter and taken my profit when it was available I would have won. And now I am trading again and I am most definitely winning. Its got its ups and downs, but as long as you have a steady income (like AiSH) you can make it very profitable.

Of course, being on AiSH gives me, as an individual, special rules. If my AiSH worker reads this: he/she need not worry, I intend on reporting my earnings.

So, yeah, in the past two days I bought a big chunk of Canada's local movie theatre, Cineplex, and then today it was announced that Cineplex bought 50% of Yo-Yo's Yogurt Café, which is called YYC on the stock market. YYC is also a name used to represent the City of Calgary. I live in Calgary. So weird.

I am a little skittish telling you about my investments, but I think it's good for you to know that Jesus would approve, rather than shun it as simple gambling. Yay.

In other news::: Cineplex theatres are going to start selling non-fat frozen yogurt at their concession stands. Woah.

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