Friday, January 17, 2014

Elder Tad R Callister's CES Devotional


I have to say I was really quite impressed with Elder Callister's CES devotional this January (which only finished watching just moments ago).

It was as if he understood about the war of words on the internet about the LDS church. I am impressed by his firm standing in Mormonism.

I agree that the LDS church is a very good organization. But if you know my personal life, there are some very big reasons why I have not been impressed by the behaviour in the past of certain local members and leaders.

On my blog I show my patriarchal blessing, which states what I should be doing with my life. I believe the patriarchal blessing is true --- but I encountered great problems with my local people in trying to fulfill it.

I will verify that the LDS miracles are very much true and real. I will verify that the church does much good, or at least is supposed to do much good. I will verify that certain general authorities are very much prophetic men who definitely seem to be truly inspired.

As for my own involvement in the church, I am kind of like Noah, trying to figure out if the land is dry. I've seen some friendly indications from some people, and I've seen other less-than-friendly indications from others. I do not know when I'll return to church.

Though I have had some big questions about Mormonism and how smart, truthful or valid it has been, I am a firm witness of "LDS magic".

Yeah - I was just so impressed by Elder Callister's talk. That was a much needed discourse on a discussion present in our day, a war of words over the validity of Mormonism.

I have flip flopped, as I have faced various informational issues and challenges, sometimes I am so angry at the church, but in the past few months I've started having a much more positive attitude about them.

Bah - I need not blabber on-and-on. I am very impressed with Elder Callister's talk. I do not know if or when I will personally return to the church. There is much to be sorted out.

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