Thursday, January 2, 2014

An Impressive Female Minister


I just turned on my TV and computer to watch girls on my computer, but my tv started showing a different kind of girl talking and teaching on the Christian TV station.

I was really impressed with her sermon. A good, wonderful teaching Christian woman.

She taught from the bible, and from what I understood what she taught was true. I really appreciated hearing.

I felt mostly uplifted by what she said, but also reminded of some of my mistakes and errors.

I can't remember the exact scripture references she was teaching, but her lessons were:

Don't boast of yourself


Don't speak with a negative tongue or attitude

I truly believe that these are good and wonderful teachings, even if I myself have not perfectly followed them throughout my own life.

It is not hard to know that I had a horrible, horrible negative speaking attitude for a very long time in my life. Life was so wrong and I'd just express how wrong I saw it to be. I think that only makes things worse. Only more recently have I started having the positive attitude.

As for not boasting of yourself and letting other people boast of you on your behalf, I've done pretty good at this actually.

You might look at the book I wrote and say I'm just boasting of myself. Nope - I'm just telling the actual true story to the best of my ability. There are plenty of times before I wrote my book that other people boast about me for me in my behalf, and I don't have to do it for myself.

This female teacher teaches of not boasting of oneself, but she also gives the flip side scripture that teaches doing good works before men that they may glorify God or some such, she says don't go to the extreme of doing everything in secret, because there is a time and place for telling that you did good.

So, I'm just saying that I saw this Woman preaching on TV, and that I really appreciated hearing her sermon. I know what she taught was true, even if I am not or have not perfectly followed what she taught in my own whole life.

So - Yes, Sometimes I boast of myself, sometimes I speak too negatively. I'm not perfect.

But I've started trying to have a more positive attitude, and I have had plenty of other people boast for my on my behalf through my lifetime, which is apparently the way it is supposed to be.

And though The Book of Finch may seem wrong because it may seem like I'm boasting of myself -- it's actually just a historical record, trying to educate people about life or certain aspects of things in life, to put it simply.

So yes, great female preacher teaching on Christian TV.

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