Monday, January 13, 2014

Am I a -dare I say- "Liberal"?

I think about where I sit on the political scale.

I think I am a bit of a Liberal actually. I want to be a leftist, but in my heart I'm a bit too far-right. That would make me a Liberal.

It's just too bad that my dad really doesn't like Liberals. I mean, he supports Obama over Romney and all that, he thinks the Republicans are way too far right, he likes the Democrats better ---- but in Canada, Liberals are a BAD thing to him.

I mean, I think gun control saved my life --- that's good on the Liberals.

I want to help poor people and give everyone their basic needs, and that makes me want to be a leftist --- but unfortunately I know I am not a completely-left type person. I'm not the type of guy who says you can't inherit anything or you have to be just as rich as everyone else.

I'm OK with Conservatives. I don't dislike conservatives. But the only reason I am happy and comfortable with my life in Alberta is because our right-of-centre ruling party has a Progressive Premier. I don't agree with everything about the government, but at least she cared about and for the poor disabled people.

I like some NDP ideas, such as putting a cap on credit card interest rates, but I may have to know how far left the NDP is before I vote for them again. I might be a Liberal. Maybe in Alberta I'm a PC (even if I supported Wildrose for a few reasons). I almost supported the Liberals in our last provincial election.

Dang, I am really confused politically. But, seeing as how my dad likes the Democrats more than Republicans, he might be a closet Liberal too --- he just doesn't want to admit it. Hahaha. :)

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