Sunday, December 8, 2013

Were they Ravens or Crows??

in The Book of Finch, I tell a true story that happened back in late 2002 where I went into my backyard and found a huge flock of big black birds filling the space, carrying bread in their beaks.

At first I thought they were soulblighter crows, due to my fantastical time with a videogame, but later that day at church I was taught a lesson about Elijah being fed bread by Ravens that God sent him.

So ---- at the time I was well aware that crows are black, and that ravens were black, but other than that identification I had no clear distinction in my mind between the two species.

So---- having learned more about crows and ravens in the past year or two, which were these creatures, crows, or ravens?

If a sparrow or finch is a small bird, and a crow is a medium sized bird, then ravens would be LARGE birds.

I've seen crows and ravens close-up in person on multiple occasions before, and have learned how do identify which one is which by their sizes.

The big black birds in my backyard in late 2002 were larger sized, so, in fact, the birds I saw on that miraculous experience were RAVENS. They were the ELIJAH RAVENS.

So, basically, the story of the ravens in my book is a true - faith promoting experience in my story. I would say my book is definitely faith promoting, but when it comes to LDS church and members, it's a mixed bag.

I know God is true and real. I do not know the same about the mormons however.

So yeah ----- my Elijah Raven experience is a true authentic experience that occurred either in late-summer 2002 or early autumn. Unfortunately, I can't remember and am not sure if I possess the exact date.  If there were any records kept about what day we learned about faith promoting miracles and elijah ravens in church --- then that would be the day this event occurred.

And it was seriously awesome.

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