Monday, December 30, 2013

The Third Vatican Council

I recently found out from facebook that Pope Francis recently held the Third Vatican Council where, in a nutshell, he considers all religions to be true and condemns racism.

I didn't quite read the whole article, but I find myself being, more or less, in a sort of agreement with this. I don't understand the concepts perfectly myself, and some things just confuse me, but seeing as how I recognize that the LDS church is not the "one and only" true path to heaven, I can accept that "all religions are true". I think they must all have some kind of truth about each of them.

I've been reading this book about one woman's death experience decades ago, and in her death vision she met Jesus Christ. Well, according to her testimony, all the churches of the world are heading to heaven, but they just travel at different rates and speeds. Some churches go very short distances towards heaven, while some go farther, and the best and truest church travels like a rocket to heaven, quick and fast.

The book seems to try to depict the LDS church as that rocket ship church, the quick path to heaven. It's possible that it is a quick path to heaven, but the church seems so flawed in so many ways it's hard to believe that it's the one and only true church, there has to be something more.

So, I agree with the pope that even Islam is true, in it's way, that Buddhism has its truth, and I do not pronounce my own mormon upbringing as the one and only true path.

Of course, all that considered, one really has to wonder about how the Book of Mormon is even so condemning of the Jews. The pope condemns racism, and The Book of Mormon condemns the Jews. The actual truth and validity of even The Book of Mormon comes into question -- I mean, when I examined the BoM, I got a little confused. I used to have an article on this website about the unfulfilled prophecy.

OK, maybe the BoM's scourging of the Jews isn't quite racist, but it might be. Depends on how you define the nature of the scourging.

I find myself to be in, more or less, agreement with the Pope. Either The Book of Mormon is a questionable historical document with varying levels of truth throughout, or the worldwide scourging of the Jews until they believe in Jesus is just a punishment for murder rather than just racism.

I mean, I met people who considered those passages in The Book of Mormon to be racist, but it's also possible that The Book of Mormon is actually just promoting the Jewish faith by making the Jews follow their own rules by condemning them for their murder of their own God.

Either the Jewish nation is condemned as a racist act, as some consider, or;
The Jews murdered their own God, and in Judaism there's a lawful punishment for murder, that even falls upon the heads of the whole nation. And it seems very racist. Yes, I am a little confused at how the Pope would define this 'truth', I didn't read his viewpoint on this matter. :)

You have to remember, if you really closely look at the writings of Joseph Smith the LDS prophet --- It is clear that the Jews are condemned or go through their pains and that yes, the children, according to Joseph Smith, are in fact punished for the sins of their ancestors.

That's the LDS version. My own family, most vocally expressed through my own father, doesn't agree with the LDS church about that way of doing things, but that is what the LDS scriptures say.

Anyway, I don't think the LDS church is the one and only path to heaven, I agree with the pope that all religions are true or have truth, and how true the LDS church is becomes questionable when you try to examine it based on the Pope's anti-racist statements. I didn't read his whole discourse on the matter, so I can't claim to know or explain. I just find myself in a sort of confused agreement.

Remember: according to the woman who wrote this book of her death vision decades ago, all the churches are going to heaven, they just travel there at different rates and speeds.

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