Thursday, December 19, 2013

Talking to God - Getting Answers

I know there is a God. I have absolutely proven his reality, I know He is real.

The LDS church on the other hand, is questionable for so many reasons.

So, just moments ago, I was praying to God, asking Him to reveal "the truth" about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the LDS church.

Now, first off:::: My relationship with God has shown that God is a bit tricky in the way He explains things, like, it's true that He will be able and can tell you lottery numbers, but often times He will just somehow choose to tell the wrong numbers, or a different lottery, or in reverse order etc.

I KNOW there is a God.  But I can't claim to have absolutely perfect communications with Him.

As for my questioning about the LDS church, this is what I found out:

Joseph Smith apparently DID meet with God and really was, more or less, a prophet. Just a severely really quite imperfect prophet. Very imperfect. Made all kinds of "mistakes". But a prophet nonetheless.

The Book of Mormon may not be as entirely true or correct as originally depicted. I say this based on personal observation and the likelihood that when recording on plates, you can't erase your typos. Also: could easily contain translation errors. Joseph Smith said it was the most correct book, which is sad because it is actually notably most flawed. It does have good teachings though.

The LDS church is both true and a clever deception at the same time. I asked God if it's true, or if it's a clever deception, and God told me it was both.


So, with my personal witness of LDS magic, there is some value to the church. With all the mistakes the various church leaders and members have made, it's clear the truth about all of it is not really forthcoming. As as for my own talk with God this evening, well, it's true that God will talk about it and verify that Joseph Smith was some kind of prophet, but it's also true that logically the whole thing is very flawed, and it's also true that I know I can't fully trust my personal communications with "God".

All things considered, I would still say that it's probably not necessary to be LDS in order to be saved. However, the LDS church is a good introduction to faith and God and may well be a, or one of the, good path(s) to salvation.

The simple fact that the LDS church is so freakin' flawed makes it a very unlikely candidate for being the only true and real path to heaven.

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