Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still Ambivalent. It's confusing

In my life, there are so many reasons to turn away from LDS mormonism. In so many ways I wish I could just forget about that whole church.

But the fact remains that I really do have a testimony of some kind of LDS magic, like miracles and prophets and God stuff.

To me, staying home from church and forgetting about the whole thing seems like a good way to stay comfortable.

If my testimony (which can easily be questioned) of the LDS magic were to draw me back to the church, I would have to deal with the mindsets of different mormons, I'd have to deal with my own rebellion and coffee drinking and whatever else. It would be an adventure to go back to the church.

But, I think I might just stay in my hobbit-hole. No need for adventures. Only troublemakers go on adventures.

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