Thursday, December 26, 2013

Paranoia About the Money

Moments ago I checked my blogger account to see if there was anything to report, and I was "happy" to see that my last post somehow inspired about two hundred visits to my website, mostly from the USA.

I have a bit of a paranoia that my earnings aren't reported to me like you'd expect them to be, and this paranoia is fuelled by the fact that though I'll have about 200 visits mentioned in blogger, my Google AdSense account mentions practically nothing.

Blogger will mention all kinds of visits to my site, while AdSense will not report the same number of visits.

That makes me think that a lot of my visitors are likely just the sort of people who would spam my comments, or maybe it's just some kind of robot hanging out on my site for whatever reason.

But I also realize that earlier this month AuthorHouse sent me a cheque for selling two books that I had no idea I sold. Actually it's amazing: when I was with authorhouse, and they'd report sales, their report is the only way I would have known I'd have those sales, there is no other indication for many sales.

Which means that if I sell a video game, or if someone buys my book, or if someone is visiting my website, it could very easily be a situation where "the publisher" just happens to neglect to inform me, or anyone, of the money purchase.

Of course this is all just my paranoid schizophrenic mind rambling, but my paranoid schizophrenic mind suspects as much.

What kind of conspiracy would hide my success and sales from me and steal my profits? I can think of only two culprits (besides possibly dishonest business values)::: Either the government is taxing my income in a way that I don't even get to see, so they can be just like a bunch of communists taking 90% of my income and then giving me the AiSH money, or its a charity (less likely) that covertly gets me to volunteer funds.

And, of course, this is all just my paranoid mind.

And now, there's someone at the door, so I need to go now.

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