Thursday, December 12, 2013

More Great Telepathy

So, I haven't done some telepathy for a while, I've kind of not done it for a while because the tests I did a while back didn't turn out so good.

But just now I did two tests with my father.

The first test was COMPLETELY WRONG.

The second test:

I said: R A (T or G)

He said: R A M

YES YIPPPEEEEE!!! I got 2/3 on an alphanumeric Pick 3! Yay.

As for my feelings of returning to the mormons, I am still feeling positive about them, but this time not so much with blind belief in whatever they say, but with a rationale that says "We are all imperfect regardless of how much the book of mormon tells us to be perfect, and therefore the book of mormon itself is not a perfect book, and therefore Joseph Smith made a mistake when he said it was the most correct book". Getting me to feel this way is a miracle actually.

So, I'm not blindly believing in mormonism, but I do feel a lot happier and kinder towards them, as if I could return to their congregation some day. Maybe it's just christmas. Who knows.

But yes --- TELEPATHY!!! YAY!

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