Monday, December 16, 2013

A Sense of Potential Greatness

Less than a day after my last blog post where I limit my enthusiasm, I was sitting around thinking about the church for a while, when all of the sudden my mind again went into a "Mormonism is great" mode.

My brain suddenly became capable of separating all the crap in the church from the actual true mission and potential of what the church is actually trying to achieve. I stopped mixing the negative with the whole church, and somehow my mind has been reminded of how utterly awesome the Mormon church is or would be if it actually operated properly.

There are really great things about mormonism, in so many ways I find it to be a wonderful church.

Of course, there have been a great deal many negative and really bad things about or associated with mormonism, but like I said, my mind suddenly started feeling capable of separating those really bad things from the rest of the good great church.

Before all my thoughts of the church were easily mixed and negative.  Now somehow my mind is separating the negative from what it should be. It's like I'm saying or seeing "that individual was choosing the wrong. The way the church actually would be if done properly would have been way better".

The church is actually well intentioned and likely wonderful. I just ran into some complete crap in my personal life.

But, knowing how my psychology was, even if I am pro mormon, I can't help but say that there really is a place in this world for the anti-mormon preachers. If the mormon church happens to be foul, those anti-mormon preachers are a good way to remind us, and comfort our minds that this high and mighty church doesn't need all that respect.  Basically, I'm trying to say that the anti-mormon preachers do fit and fulfill an actual psychological need that may come along in some people, like myself.

And though I think anti-mormon preachers have a place in this world, I also think that the Mormon Church itself has some really wonderful great and good qualities. It's like I agree with both sides, just like I agree with both sides in politics.

In elections I often find myself agreeing with most parties and thinking they all have really good plans, even if they're all different.

I think there's a place for a good and wonderful mormon church, and there's a place for the anti-mormon preacher who fulfills a psychological need for people for whom the church failed.

I guess I'm just saying is I'm feeling so much better about the LDS church now. I still don't think it's likely that I'll actually fulfill my intended mission in life, but I think the LDS church has done some wonderful things and has great potential to do wonderful things.

Wow. I am actually feeling so much better, happier minded that I can think kindly and nicely about the mormon church again.

Of course, it's not hard to think of reasons why I failed or why I no longer have a mission in life, but my mind just grasps the concept of how wonderful mormonism could potentially be. Yeah.

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