Friday, December 27, 2013

A Christmas Ghost Story

In The Book of Finch, I lightly touch on my story where my grandmother died on the Christmas break in 1998, and I accuse her ghost of being sexually abusive. Of course, I cannot prove the accusation, and she is generally let off the hook because it is actually scientifically understood that some men just have those hormones that cause extreme sexual desire.

2013. 15 years later.

I spent Christmas Eve at my sister's house. This detail is insignificant to the actual ghost story however.

I wake up Christmas Morning. I do my bathroom business, and then I go to check my stocking. We are light on presents this year in my home, just a few small stocking gifts. The vast vast majority of presents were left under my sister's Christmas tree.

But, I check in my stocking, and I find an envelope within that claims to be a gift from my old dead grandmother. Of course, I easily suppose that it was just one of my parents leaving the gift in the stocking, and for some morbid reason decided to claim that it was actually a gift from the deceased.

The gift was an old tarnished silver coin. I open the gift while talking to my mother behind her back as she faces the sink. I just assume she's responsible for this supposed gift from Grandma, and she doesn't say a word.

Read on - there's a bit more.

December 27th 2013.
I went to our local Cineplex theatre with my father to watch the new Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug. As I was standing in line at the box office to get our tickets, I am approached by a short and older woman, who spoke with some kind of european accent. She talks to me about wanting to see a certain movie in the theatre, and I check my iphone and tell her that no such movie is playing right now. She asks me to recommend a movie. I tell her the only movie on the list of available shows I saw so far was Catching Fire (Hunger Games #2), I asked her if she saw the first Hunger Games movie, and she HAD NOT, so I decided to not recommend it. I then tell her I'm going to see the Hobbit. She asks me what that is about (definitely, an unknowing old european lady) and I give the quick description that it's about a very short person. I let her go ahead of me in line and she talks to the clerk, and selects a movie. I do not know what movie she chose.

Anyway, this older lady who was speaking to me, well, as I spoke to her, and I looked in her face, I was very much especially reminded of my old dead grandmother. She looked younger than my grandmother was when I knew her, but the accent and the facial features reminded me. My grandmother, of course, probably knew exactly what The Hobbit was, as she was a very keen reader I am told.

Basically, I was actually schizophrenic enough to actually suspect that the older woman I was talking to was my resurrected Finn-Swede Granny. Why did that european old lady speak to me and not anyone else? Why did her facial features remind me so much of the grandmother I knew? She may have been trying to hide her identity if she was my resurrected relative, or she may have been someone different entirely.

Anyway, it's just strange that I would receive a stocking-christmas-gift from an old long dead relative, and then meet a seeming apparition of old dead-but-now-resurrected relative whilst going to see a movie at the theatre that she'd probably adore because she probably read the book a hundred times.

One more thing::: Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of her death. She died December 28th 1998. And 15 years later she appears to have made a comeback, although making her gift seem as though it were from my own parents, and trying to hide her identity as she speaks to me.

Just so strange. A real Christmas Ghost Story.

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