Monday, November 11, 2013

Some Thoughts on LDS Hypocrisy

I just logged in to my account, checking status reports, hoping to write a little something about some thoughts I had, when I noticed I had unusually higher amounts of visitations earlier today. It looks like someone tweeted my website, although I am unsure who tweeted it. Thanks for caring.

I came online because I felt like sharing a little story about some of the hypocrisy of the LDS church or members.

At the beginning of Letters to Whomever I share an email I received from someone who contacted me who wished to remain anonymous, but after doing a little research I was able to discover that this individual was an old Teacher's quorum advisor or leader I once had in the LDS church.

It is so sad that he would hide his identity, being LDS and being dishonest about who he is, but perhaps he hid his identity because of how hypocritical the things he was saying were.

The writer, my old Teacher's quorum advisor, was telling me that I was wrong to claim to have a connection with God because of my masturbation. He went on to tell me that he wanted me to seek emotional medicinal help, likely referring to psychiatry (especially as only psychiatrists can give medications for severe psychological or emotional needs). The idea that he is telling me to see a psychiatrist is confirmed by his way of telling me I'm delusional.

Well, he says I'm delusional, he says I can't be with God because I masturbate, and he says I need a psychiatrist.

The situation I am presented with here is of someone who is themselves heavily deluded about what a psychiatrist would teach.

He tells me I am bad to masturbate.  A psychiatrist would actually teach that masturbation is normal and healthy in guys my age, and there need not be any shame about it.

He's shaming me about masturbation, and then telling me I need a psychiatrist. I wonder what he thought he meant by that. He's shaming me into seeing a psychiatrist so I can know there was never a need for shame in the first place.

He says I need emotional help, but then says I am only imagining my personal connections with Avril Lavigne.

Let's get a few things straight here: 1) Avril Lavigne is helping me emotionally. 2) How can he judge the nature of my relationship with Avril Lavigne when he decidedly didn't bother to read my book?

So, he's telling me I'm only imagining a connection with Avril Lavigne, and then tells me I need emotional help. Well, in all likelihood Avril Lavigne was the emotional help I was supposed to receive.

My teacher's quorum advisor just wasn't very smart I guess.


If you are looking at my blog for news about my upcoming video game, I am happy to report that yesterday and today I worked on it a bunch, and I'm making progress. Still not finished though. Of course, also be aware that putting in a few hours two days in a row is more work than I normally do on this project, so please understand if it still takes a while. Who knows? maybe we'll get lucky and I'll feel like working on it all week. We'll see.

But even if I "finish" the game, I'm still going to want to test the game on my family, or whatever few friends I have, if I can, which I might not be able to do for a while anyway.

So, I worked on my game a bunch, still have more work to do, and I think you probably shouldn't expect it for at least another month, if not, two months. Unless I get really lucky and put my shoulder to the wheel and all that, unless that happens, the earliest you can expect the game would be in January of 2014. At the earliest, but I make no promises.

It's done when it's done.

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