Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On Mormonism and Homosexuality

I've been reviewing information from ex- or anti-LDS sources, and one thing that keeps popping up about some of these ex-LDS people is some support or alliance with the homosexual community.

I suppose the LDS position on homosexuality might seem harsh, or bigoted, and probably has some similarities with how I felt about being an LDS who masturbates----

but I also recently found out about a guy named Swedenborg who lived over a hundred years before Joseph Smith. Swedenborg apparently met Jesus Christ too, and wrote books about his revelations. From what I've learned, Swedenborg says that there is actually marriage or marrying in the Celestial kingdom, even after the death of this life, and that you need marriage in order to attain the highest level.

Considering the fact that I have some notion of a reality to the LDS church, and that Swedenborg seems to have respect from mormons and non-mormons alike, I suppose the LDS position against gay marriage may seem harsh, but it's actually the LDS way of trying to love Homosexuals to find salvation/exaltation.

I mean, the bible says Homosexual behaviour is wrong.

Mormons, from their own perspective, actually seem to be showing love to homosexuals, trying to offer chances of exaltation in proper marriage in the next life, rather than letting homosexuals screwing up their eternities forever in this life with gay marriage.

Whether or not the LDS church is true is not the issue here ---- how Swedenborg relates to the issue, however, may have some influence on the LDS position and that's why they are the way they are. Swedenborg is likely truthy, or true, as I'm reading another book of a Near Death Experience from a woman who wasn't LDS who learned some things about the three heavens as well (therefore Swedenborg can't be ignored, even if the LDS church is heavily flawed).

Anyway, I know what it's like to be constantly put down about a sexual imperfection, I know what it's like to not be able to marry because of a sexual imperfection.

But if I, or any homosexual, manages this life in a way pleasing to Jesus Christ, for the lovin' sake of our eternal welfare and "exaltation", I suppose the church just wants us to not fornicate or gay-marry so we'll have a chance at marriage and the highest level of exaltation in the celestial kingdom.

I am a disaffected Mormon, and though I often find myself leaning towards the regular christians rather than being a part of my mormon beginnings, I still have a testimony of some kind of reality to the magic of the LDS church, which sometimes I think might've been satanism, but to tell the truth I can't really judge.


In videogame news, I did some more beta testing, found a few bugs, and have fixed them. I'm going to try to keep beta testing until I can get all the way through a few games without finding any bugs, and after that, tweaking the game so it's well-balanced, then I plan on publishing this new title.

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