Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Not Much Important to Say

I notice that there are a few people who seem to like to check-up on my blog, and I haven't said anything for a few days, so here's my latest, though somewhat unimportant news:

1) yesterday I did more work on my 2nd video game. My brain probably still doesn't work too well, as I had to get myself to concentrate really hard to successfully get my game to do what I wanted to do. I wasn't the smartest programmer for a lot of yesterday.

2) With all my ambivalence about LDS mormonism, with all the confusion about the goods and bads of it, I have figured out a solution in how to deal with it::: I just won't judge them. They have good things, they have bad things, but I will not judge them. I'll let God judge them. It seems to be a good strategy. I'm going to live my own life, and for many reasons I consider them to be unliveable, so I won't go back, but as for judgement about the quality of their organization, I won't judge. I'll let God judge. This would have been a good ending for Letters to Whomever, if only I had thought of it. :)

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